[News] Braille Smart Watch, “Dot,” of the visually impaired’s own making
2020.08.11 10:27

‘Dot Watch’ is a startup to proceed towards the global stages by developing the assistive technology device of the visually impaired such as ‘Dot-Mini,’ ‘Dot-Pad,’ and ‘Public Braille Modules,’ including the world’s first Braille Smart Watch, ‘Dot Watch,’ through the company’s own technology based upon the approximate 30 types of patent. The founding purpose of ‘Dot Watch’ is to assist the R&D for the solution of the original problem of the size, price and functions of the existing Braille device for the visually impaired, to resolve grievances and disputes due to the unemployment of more than 90% of the impaired, and to make them become a member of society.

Corresponding to this, I, as a reporter, interviewed Inbum Park, an effective staff of ‘Dot Watch’ who was taking charge of its verification of use. More than anything else, it made them feel free from the concern that the high-priced Braille device which weighed 1.2kg to 3.0kg might be lost. They were far from being under pressure for time wearing them round their necks.

“We reduced weight, purchase price and 1/10 of the operation and maintenance cost. We don’t have to use anymore its device case regardless of the weather pattern of rain or snow.” said he. In-bum Park also emphasized, “The visually impaired people might have their difficulties learning Braille. But if they never learn, they will have to face obstacles caused by illiteracy. They can effectively use Braille Smart Watch, because it is light, outwardly-exposed and conveniently operated.” Especially he added, “Good opportunities for the visually impaired to exchange their ideas and opinions which were not openly disclosed before have been provided. He is very proud of himself for working at ‘Dot Watch.’ I wish many visually impaired people will have their jobs, advance to society and make the most of their abilities.”

Developing of a variety of services for the visually impaired.

‘Dot Watch’ works on Beta text performance to improve the use of Braille Smart Watch. Checking one-to-one response intended for the 100 visually impaired people from teens to seventies all over the country, In-bum Park is assisting its technological development. Helping the visually impaired people to overcome their anxiety about Braille and changing system functions into touch mode for time, messenger and stopwatch, new development projects are focused on the combination of technology to meet the expectations of the users and to resolve their complaints.

Ahrum Choi, a team leader of ‘Dot Watch,’ introduced this technology, saying “Dot’s development will be contributed to enhancing Braille’s accessibility of the visually impaired people to quickly learn and use Braille anywhere and at any time. Public transportation service and educational content development are currently underway.” She also left a message, “8 of 10 visually impaired people lost their sight out of the unfortunate accident or disease somewhere in their lives. We will create a global movement by which the visually impaired people will get more educational opportunities and vigorously commit themselves into the community involvement.”

The management philosophy of ‘Dot Watch’, by creating values from their education to knowledge acquisition and job-related training, is to make them real. ‘Dot Watch’ has already implemented mass production for Braille Smart Watch by the overseas 99% pre-orders as of now and are preparing its export in the pre-ordered sequence. Pre-orders can be placed through the official Korean website of ‘Dot Watch.’ Its sales in Korea will begin from this April or May. Development projects to secure Information delivery system and mobility right which both the disabled and the non-disabled can use together are now under way