[Blog] The Perfect Christmas Gift
2020.08.27 13:04

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you all gone Christmas shopping? Or are you still stuck wondering what to get for your kin?  Everyone wants the best gift for Christmas. Hopefully, our story would save someone the trouble of going through hours and hours of Christmas gift searches. For children who expect the Christmas present all year round, we hope the braille smartwatch could be the best present had ever received. In just 27 grams of lightness, the watch will bring bright changes to your lifestyle. Perhaps the feedbacks we took could help make up your mind.

“Yesterday Alexa took the Dot Watch with her to her school. … But you should have seen their [students] faces when she swapped to ‘the moving seconds’: Up to that very moment they have had just a vague idea, that a minute consists of 60 seconds. But for the very first time in their lives, they now got a real impression and understanding of how fast a second is gone. At school break that was topic number one! As an instantaneous result, pupils from other classes swept into Alexa’s room and asked for the chance to feel the Dot Watch, too.”

“Instead of flipping my wrist to reset the metallic balls or messing with movable hands (as in other tactile watches), a simple press of a button allows me to accurately tell the time in a way that does not attract attention to what I am doing.” 

“An unexpected success can be reported by a young student. He had some difficulties performing mathematics beyond the numbers 1 to 20. [With the] Dot Watch he learned to read the numbers up to 60 within a very short period of time!”

“With the Dot Watch, I set up two alarm times, which indicated to me when a teaching phase had to be finished. No one else had noticed the watch’s vibrations. It helped me a lot!”

“Having the option to choose [manual scroll] and [automatic scroll] was a wonderful addition! It shows DOT is considering how to assist as many different individuals with vision impairment as possible, and in many different situations. For a proficient braille reader, the automatic scroll allows him (or her) to very quickly read a message, notification, or a phone number without having to repeatedly press a button or a sensor. On the other hand, the manual scroll allows beginning, or slower, braille readers to be able to read and comprehend the text at their own pace, without feeling rushed or becoming frustrated with the watch.”


“I loved the features of the timer function on the DOT Watch. The one that stood out the most to me is the fact that it automatically saves whatever the last time value was, and loads it the next time you select the timer function. My friends and I play a variety of games together, many of which require a 30-second timer.”

In fact, it can be used by essentially anyone of all ages, male or female, whether it is your spouse, grandma, daughter, uncle, nephews, or the very person you have in mind right now. Will you place an order and send your love to that very special person?