[Blog] Thoughts on Blind Futures
2020.08.05 10:56

Here at Dot, we’re always thinking of ways to improve the lives of the less-sighted. While we develop our revolutionary products and technologies, we never forget how the visually-impaired are moving and living around us. While we try our best to integrate our community research and feedback with our R&D, it’s also a tremendous challenge to provide the best possible quality with our services. We ask many questions ourselves regularly:

  • How do blind people dream?
  • Why do they wear glasses?
  • How are they able to carry romantic relationships?
  • How do the blind and deafblind navigate?
  • How are they motivated?

As you can see, our questions vary in a huge range. As such, our teams are always putting ourselves into different shoes and imagining ourselves in all kinds of situations. Of course, such imaginations would never carry over to reality fully, but it definitely drives us to empowering out passion to support our neighbors. To say it is ‘daunting’ would be a complete understatement. As I’m writing this as a sighted individual, I can’t imagine myself being legally or completely blind.

  • How would I get out of bed? 
  • How would I see what I’m eating? 
  • How would I know which bill I’m handing to the clerk? 

These are just minute samples of what our neighbors have to go through every day, with their canes, guide dogs, assistants, family, friends, and even kinder strangers that help them along the way. We wish to make this a whole lot easier. Not just for you, but for your peers as well. It may be a bit narrow-sighted to be only focused on the visually-impaired, blind, deafblind, or any other disabilities in that matter. It’s also necessary to mention the people around them too, who are there where canes can’t reach and risk starts taking over. We appreciate those kind hearts, here at Dot. It’s such a fortunate opportunity to be working in the same office with blind individuals, learning from primary sources. Cheers to those daredevils who carry out life like less-sighted superheroes, for us sighted people can’t even imagine the extent of your powers over everyday life. Cheers to the sighted watchers and helpers who don’t stop lending their helping hands to improve lives. We can all work together to create a seamless, global community that’s both diverse and beautiful.