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Dot Pad

Our next giant leap in accessibility is here.
The first real-time tactile graphics display.

dot pad

Dot Pad

Health Center


Designed for all, with technology and value.

Dot Barrier-free Infrastructure

Designed for all

Barrier-free Kiosk

Dot Kiosk is built with universal design in mind Featured during the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics for the first time, Dot Kiosk is now heading beyond Korea to the global market.

Accessible technology

Tactile Pad

Dot's excellence in technology is proven by our portfolio of 120 patents. With the Dot Pad, we are leading the way for the future of education

Communication for All

Getting closer to each other by sharing our everyday stories.


We offer future generations limitless opportunities to improve communication.

Dot Go uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)
technology and allows you to travel more independently.

“This kiosk comes down adjusting to my height, so it was very convenient to use.”

- Park Hyun-sook, physically disabled -

"The barrier-free kiosk also provides English support, so it was nice to be able to use all the functions."

- Rita Umuteshi G., Handong Univ. student -

"It was useful because it provided a variety of information in a very precise manner through tactile maps."

- Park Ki-jin, visually impaired -

Our goal is to make every space accessible to all.
At Dot, innovation and technology connect to deliver a barrier-free world.

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