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About Us

Reinventing Accessibility

Making our world accessible, Dot by Dot

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Since 2015, Dot has reinvented accessibility for the visually impaired with our Braille Devices. From 2020 and beyond, Dot aims to expand this mission to include the transportation vulnerable and the mass public by leveraging our award-winning inventions and patented technologies.


The Dot team has constantly challenged ourselves to create the most affordable and innovative solutions for the disabled. In this pursuit, Dot has created a variety of interactive devices so that information can be more easily accessible for the blind and visually impaired. We won’t stop innovating until the vision-impaired and the deaf-blind are able to feel included and connected with our world. We dream of a more disability-friendly world with facilities that are easy to access.

Core Value

  • Headquarter Seoul, Korea

  • Series B round13.1M

  • Establishment2015.04

  • 125 patents 88 Korea /37 Global

  • 28 members70% are engineers.

Touch the Connected World, Dot by Dot

The world has been undergoing rapid digital transformation through IoT, 5G, Big Data, and AI technologies. However, ironically, such technological advances do not guarantee equal opportunities for all people. Rather, it is depriving people with disabilities of the chance to access places and information. Dot's mission is to empower accessibility in this 4th industrial revolution and reinvent the tools for everyone who lives in cities. In order to achieve this, Dot is able to apply Braille (tactile) modules to various types of accessible facilities each and every smart city's needs. Also, collaborating with other assistive technologies, we can provide a total solution for physically challenged people all over the world. Ultimately, we aim to provide the barrier-free facilities that enable people with disabilities to access every place and all the information.

Co-founder's Message

We may be a small and humble startup, but we have a phenomenal team. The members possess the knowledge, experience and skills required in their respective fields. Our experienced seniors helm the Hardware, Software and Marketing areas, while the juniors bring the strength, creativity, and the courage to function together at optimal efficiency. We all learn from one another and continue to grow as an amazing team that strives for excellence.
CEO - Eric Ju Yoon Kim / Ki Kwang Sung

Social Impact

Most of these people use Braille Material as an effective way to remember exact information such as educational information. Comparing the African continent and the developed countries, the visually impaired people benefit much less from these assistive technologies. The visually impaired people would definitely want to learn Braille too, but don’t have enough Infra leading to a rate of 95% Braille illiteracy. Also, there are less than 1% of the books translated into Braille, and the high price of the Braille products reaching the absolute shortage of contents. This results in the alienation of the visually impaired people from various educations.

If there are various devices affordable at a low price, and usable in the everyday life, this can help increase the education level in Africa, and help the visually impaired people escape from poverty, which we expect to result in less discrimination between the visually impaired and those who aren’t impaired.

An amazing journey to learn

In developing countries, this problem of disconnection to the world of information is worse than we can imagine, and solving these problems has been the biggest goal. Our goal is the same, to solve the disconnection to the information world by making and developing low priced, easy-to-carry Braille assistants using the multi active actuator technique along with technical and educational contents.

Seeing the Unseen

The core technique is the low-priced source technology of actuators and the innovative content using it. Dot has found the embedded system design and manufacturing technology for small and low-power implementation while working on the multi-active actuator. Through the projects sponsored by KOICA(Korea International, Cooperation Agency), we are looking to have ongoing field tests for the technology complements and for even more affordable Braille modules and contents.

"With the Dot mini, we have been able to serve our students better than ever."
- Alonzo F, the principal, a Blind School in Kenya -

"My daughter just received her birthday present from Dot! She is over the moon with it. She has already figured out most of the functions in it. Thank you so much."
- Donavin and Rovyn from Western Cape, South Africa -

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