Barrier-free Smart City

Barrier-free Smart City

Information accessibility is not always carried out in consideration of the vulnerable class when we design smart cities. Since the people with disabilities face a difficulty to access infrastructure in the city, a 'Barrier-free’ Smart City concept started to appear.

However, this ambitious goal will not be achieved alone. Only with the full co-operation of all parties involved, we can succeed. And we are keenly aware of the necessity of ‘Super Cooperation' among companies that provide the infrastructure, facility, equipment, and its related service for Smart City. Together, we can conceptualize Barrier-free Smart City for the people with disabilities.

We're dedicated to being your reliable partner to make an authentic smart city.

Barrier-free Smart City Barrier-free Smart City

Barrier-free Smart City in Busan

Barrier-free Smart City in Busan Barrier-free Smart City in Busan

[ The Smart City Challenge project selected by Busan city and the Korean government in 2020 ]

Barrier-free smart city through an accessible transportation environment

Dot formed a consortium with companies in industries related to smart cities and applied for the’ Smart City Challenge' with the theme of barrier-free transportation & tourism. [The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport] and [Busan City] finally adopted the proposal by May 28, 2020.

Dot would like to build a barrier-free transportation infrastructure at a city-level that will enable the people with disabilities to use comfortably any infrastructure. Through our partnership, Dot will transform Busan city into a barrier-free smart city through collaboration and it will expand other global cities and beyond.

We will see the city designed for all people, here in Busan before long.