Accessibility in museums

Barrier-free Tourism

Enjoying cultural art should be available for everyone. Cultural art has enabled the entire global community to form a concept of "us" beyond race, generation, gender, and religion. However, disabilities and disenfranchisement limit the exchange of knowledge and emotions through cultural art. At Dot, we believe that this should be available for all. Therefore, we are committed to creating spaces where everyone can fully enjoy and share various cultural arts. Dot aims to make every museum and art gallery around the globe fully inclusive by demonstrating world-class digital inclusion, warmly inviting everyone to appreciate and enjoy cultural art.

Barrier-free Tourism

We will make technology with the world's best digital inclusion. Accessible universal design is crucial to creating sustainable cultural viewing facilities. From this design perspective, Dot is the first to develop a tactile display that provides tactile images and braille descriptions of exhibits. Moving forward, we will pioneer new standards in technology for museums and art galleries to embrace those with other disabilities.

Creating a barrier-free cultural experience

  • Audio function is available for the elder.

  • Braille Keypad for checking information such as number, price, name, etc.

  • Display shows sign language and text script.

  • The automatic adjusting height kiosk senses the height of the user with the object sensor.

This barrier-free Information board can display all the essential explanations in museum through sound, graphics, and text.

This tactile graphic display shows the shape of the sculpture and picture in the museum. The blind and visually impaired feel the work of art via their fingertips.