Braille Device


Braille Device

Braille Device


DISPLAY : 4 Cells(6dot) Newer D2 Version

PLATFORM : Wireless MCU platform

BLUETOOTH : Bluetooth LE 4.2

CPU : 32 bit ARM Cortex M4F

BUTTON : 2 x Buttons, 1 x Encoder Switch

BATTERY : Li-Polymer 380mAh

DIMENSION : Body 43.0 x 12.5 (mm) , 27 (g)

MATERIAL : Body (Aluminum Steel)

COLOR : Off-White & Silver

A new sense of time. Enjoy every second.

The Dot Watch lets you experience time in a completely new way: without sound, just by yourself. It provides direct access to all the practical features you need so many times throughout each day
: Time and Date, Alarm Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch.
It tells you the time down to the second. Truly, a new sense of time.

Know who is calling. Pick up or decline.

Get ready for an amazing new experience: know who is calling without seeing it. When you receive a call on your smartphone, the Dot Watch vibrates and displays the name of the caller. Your friend? Pick up with a big smile on your face. Your boss, on the weekend? Decline with the tap of a button and call back later.

Get messages instantly. Read faster than ever.

Every text message you receive on the smartphone is instantly translated to Braille and forwarded to your Dot Watch. Read it fast and comfortably with the intuitive touch controls on the watch face and customizable Auto-Scroll. Directly save important messages to check again later.

Everything will be

Where is WOMEN's toilet?

Since ADA signage requires Grade 2 Braille, it’s important to know what that means. Grade 2 Braille was introduced as a space-saving alternative to standard Braille (Grade 1 Braille).

Now you can find where it is.

Your Braille Dictionary

When you go outside, you don’t need to memorize all the Braille characters and contractions. Just type "WOMEN" and touch the watch on your fingertips. Dot Watch will be your new Braille teacher.

The battery will last 5days

Award-winning design.

The Dot Watch has won many international design awards.
What makes it special is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.
The timeless round shape and minimalistic silver Milanese wristband feel comfortable every day and go with every outfit.

Get the more out of Dot Watch!

It is a simple, intuitive and entertaining way to practice Braille letters.

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Let's get started!

The Dot Watch unleashes it's full potential to those who can read Braille.
But it's also the perfect device to get you started!