[News] [Koreaproductpost] Dot Pad – Taking Giant Leap in Accessibility from Korea
2023.03.02 11:00

South Korean startup company Dot Incorp. has developed devices and software for the visually impaired. Dot Pad is here to provide a greater platform for the blind regarding education and entertainment.

Overview of Dot Corporation

Dot Inc. is a South Korean company specializing in commercial products that tackle various social problems. It uses technological advancement to provide its products in domestic and overseas markets. Their product includes Dot Watch, Dot Pad, and Dot Kiosk.

The company follows ESG standards and constantly decides to create using ethical business practices. They ensure that there is always a safeguard for environmental-related corporate policies. Their innovative solutions with technology do not have any unethical practices.

Dot Inc has accumulated over 25 billion won as investment funds. These numbers are published until series B. Moreover, the company also has 130 patents worldwide. This incredible journey of Dot Inc. has led to winning two awards in CES 2023 for Dot Pad. One is for Best of Innovation, and the other is for the Honoree awards.

Co-founders of Dot Inc., Eric Ju Yoon Kim and Ki Kwang Sung, say they are grateful for recognizing the Dot Pad’s values. They also believe that this first tactile graphic display will be a massive opportunity to increase the level of education for the blinds.

What is Dot Pad?

Dot Pad is one of the greatest creations from Dot Inc. The company was founded in 2015 and has developed interesting tools. Dot Pad is the first tactile display that includes 2400 pins. It has a display with a pixel-like grid which you can use either in up or down positions.

In simpler terms, it is an excellent braille device that forms sharp letters. As a result, visually impaired or blind people can easily identify what is being displayed on the screen. Other than that, the display can create shapes, tables, symbols, and charts.

It is compatible with your PC and mobile devices via Bluetooth connectivity. Since PC and mobile are accessible, setting up Dot Pad won’t be an issue. On top of that, Dot Pad is directly integrated into the voiceover screen of Apple devices. 

Touching the raised dots in the graphic display helps fingers recognize what image or table is showing. As a result, there will be an increase in its accessibility in many fields. For instance, education for visually impaired people will benefit a lot from Dot Pad. They can quickly learn and adapt to new information like a normal student. Other fields where this device can be useful are music and entertainment.


Dot Inc. has collaborated with Apple for its accessibility for as many users as possible. Dot Pad’s new version is available from iOS 15.2 since last December. The update brings great features, including integrating a voiceover screen reading feature. This feature allows users to read texts, labels, symbols, and graphs easier.

This feature from Apple and Dot Inc is extensively available on other Apple products, such as iPad. Moreover, Dot Pad is continuously working with other top-level companies and institutions worldwide.

In the end

Dot Pad, along with its other products, seems promising. Visually impaired and blind people can now have a clearer picture in their minds using Dot Pad. Hopefully, the device brings out practical benefits to its users.