[News] [Kiosk Kiosks] ADA Kiosk & Accessibility Update – New technology, tradeshows, Braille pad and more
2023.05.11 11:00

ADA & Accessibility Update

Here are the short links for our latest in ADA kiosk news. For more information on any of these technologies and/or products send an email to

  • NRA Chicago – Visit Tech Pavilion 6475 — 6475 see Storm Interface on two different units.  Also JAWS for Windows will be shown.
  • One of the most popular posts this month. A couple of user videos detailing ordering options at McDonald’s — McDonalds Kiosk Accessibility – McDonald’s Access for Blind and Low Vision
  • LAST CALL  for comments on ANSI EV roadmap which includes accessibility and ADA
  • JAWS For Kiosks at NRA – Booth 6966 – Also companion webinar May 2 (registration link included). You can attend webinar on May 2, 2023 with Matt Ater, Vice President at Vispero, about the process of developing an accessible smart payment experience.  Register for the webinar today.
  • BeMyEyes adds AI visual scan via mobile with conversational description of what “it” sees. Great aid for visually impaired.
  • ADA & AI — EEOC’s Artificial Intelligence Guidelines and the Risk of Class Action Litigation
  • Deadline May 1st for ANSI EV Infrastructure comments which include accessibility standards
  • Designing interfaces for the visually impaired – An interview with the RNIB
  • BIPA News — Vimeo to pay $2.25M in AI-related biometric privacy lawsuit
  • New Vision Screening Kiosks being deployed in >10,000 pharmacies throughout North America
  • South Korea has been a large market for ADA and assistive technology (much like Japan) and one of their products that has been in development for the last couple of years has been released.
  • NEW — DOT KIOSK  Dot Kiosk is a fully modular accessible hub. We’ve rolled out this smart infrastructure solution for all 114 stations and national museums in S.Korea. Also, we’re also rolling out this system for Vienna International Airport this June. As we have our own patented tactile/braille display, we’d like to collaborate our work with a US partner who complies with ADA standards. It would provide an intuitive assistive technology solution for all users, including senior citizens and foreign language speakers.

    • Braille & tactile graphic display
    • Sensor-based height adjustment function
    • AI generates Sign language videos
    • Voice guide
    • Physical keyboard
    • Large print, Zoom in/out